Building a Giving Culture: Matt Curtis

July 26, 2017Personal Passions

Join Tracey Velt as she interviews Matt Curtis of Matt Curtis Real Estate Inc. about how he built a social responsibility program for his brokerage. This is Tracey Velt, editor of publications for REAL Trends. We partnered with QuantumDigital to give you a peek into the secret lives of real estate. Where we pull back … Read More

Women in Power: Sue Yannaccone on Embracing the Power of “What If”

July 13, 2017Personal Passions

Join QuantumDigital’s CMO Eric Cosway as he interviews Sue Yannaccone, president and CEO of ERA Real Estate. Growing up, Sue lived in six different states before she even turned 12. This experience gave her an invaluable lesson in embracing change. Since joining ERA Real Estate, Sue has helped move the organization forward by increasing broker … Read More